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Cord Bound Books -Part One

Karleigh HeywoodComment

We're currently making two cord bound books for a woman named Lori. She's getting married in the Turks and Caicos Islands and she's using that as a theme for the wedding. The video below shows the leather that will be used for each book (Aqua leather on the memory book and Gold leather for the sign in book) and it shows the stamps that will be used in the design on the cover and throughout the book. In the next video, we'll show the maps that will be used as endpapers and on the inset on the covers.

The books will be a little bigger than 9 x 12 as the pages were torn down to be 9" x 12" 

The sign in book has 100 pages and the larger book has 200 pages (or 400 sides)

HUGE BOOKS! In fact, the memory book will actually end up being about 6-7 inches thick as we still have to put spacers in the spine. Maybe Lori will opt for two (still large and thick) memory books instead of the massive one?