These handmade books are all in a sewn onto tapes style. You can see that a sewn onto tapes book is a typical hardbound book which can have a rounded spine or a straight hardback spine. The tape is a long strip of material that is sewn across the spine of a text block. The material, which is typically linen tape, is then glued to the cover of the book before the endpapers are placed on. Traditionally, these tapes can either be seen on the inside of the book, or more often, are hidden with built up paper on the inside cover so you can not see the tapes on the inside of the cover. Instead of hiding the tapes, I created designs in the front covers of these books below. I also didn't use traditional linen tape, I used linen book cloth because I can cut it to various widths and the book cloth I used was a bit thicker which allowed for the design to really stand out.