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Title Page

Title Page


Title page, or dedication page for 4x6, 5x7, and 6x8 books in our shop.

★ The Title page can say whatever you would like (Names, dates, quotes, a letter etc...).

★ Please type what you want printed in the message box during checkout when prompted. Thank you!

★ IMPORTANT: in order to prevent delays in shipping: when requested (and often when not requested) we send a print preview—to prevent delays, we need to hear back from you quickly, telling us it is okay to print, or requesting changes to the layout. Thank you!


NOTE: We have occasionally *noticed* quote misattributions. Spending a few minutes researching the quote might help you be sure you attributed your quote correctly. However, just because 20 sites attribute it to someone, does not make it correct, especially in today's copy and paste world :) We're not the quote police, so we will attribute it how you like, we just wanted to make this as a suggestion. Thanks!

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