Daniel and Karleigh Heywood help you gain momentum in your business by covering the small details. We know all about the details and how each one can have a major impact on your business. 

We get it. We’ve worn all the hats. We know what it’s like to own and run a small business. We owned an online business selling handmade books for over ten years. We've made and sold tens of thousands of books. It allowed us to experience every duty a small business must take on. The good and the difficult.

Along our journey as business owners, we’ve had many opportunities to share our knowledge with others through teaching business classes, holding community Q&A’s and consulting other businesses on systems and marketing strategies. 

We believe in the importance of preparation, delegation and sustainability. We believe that great growth is all about the quality care you put into your clients and customers. We’re reaching an equilibrium in the internet world. Those who make real connections and treat their customers as real people will take the lead. 

Need advice on starting a handmade business or how to improve results from your stagnant social media accounts? We can help you navigate those waters.

Don’t have time or patience to research the newest algorithm changes or Social Media strategies? We keep up to date on everything new in the Social Media world.

Need someone to handle your social for you? We can post, comment and cover your customer service for you. We can even do content creation and create an entire marketing strategy specific to your brand, target market and the platform of choice.

Or maybe you need someone to organize your inbox every morning so the most important emails are attended to quickly? We offer email management including email campaigns and newsletter options.


When we aren't helping you with your business, we're spending time with our three kids. We love to cook, garden, learn, hike, create art, get messy and we homeschool.