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Whether it’s sewing a cordbound book or editing photographs, Daniel gives one hundred percent attention to the little details. He’s all about quality and efficiency. He finds joy in the process. His love for crafting the best has been greatly appreciated by clients and family alike. His family especially appreciates his efforts and attention to detail in his cooking. He also loves fresh produce from the garden and learning about better-than-organic ways of growing food.


Karleigh enjoys both learning and teaching. She wears many hats including that of wife, mother, business consultant, bookbinding teacher, business speaker, small business owner, bookbinder and artist. Daniel thinks she takes on too much but she loves doing it all. She also loves flowers, art and the quiet of early morning hours. Whether speaking to an audience about running a small business or sewing miniature books, she finds excitement in the diversity and creative process that each moment affords.


Our two sons, Jadon and Ethan, are learning all about running a business. They help out in the bindery with little odd jobs but they’ve also started making their own handmade creations to sell in the Badger and Chirp online shop. 

The process

We have been bookbinding for over a decade and love the flexibility from having an online business. While bookbinding was never on the list of what we wanted to be when we grew up, we’re glad we fell into it. We make all our books with small tools. We don’t own any fancy bookbinding machinery. Everything is done by hand. Our books are crafted with care and attention to quality. We love the bits of unique character in each book we make and we love knowing that our books are being used.  We’ve been selling on Etsy since 2008 and rank at the top of Etsy’s Seller list for handmade leather journals. We’ve made tens of thousands of books within the last decade. All by hand, one at a time.

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