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We're putting all the pieces together.

I’ll get straight to the point.

I’m putting together a group of eight powerhouse business savvy women to combine our efforts and create something a bit bigger than all of us.

If you were invited to this page it's because I believe you are one of those amazing women who could make a difference by teaching what you know. 

We are building a community that teaches the ins and outs of business. Not just from A-B or with an occasional blog post, but a thorough A-Z system, with a defined road map and a clear focus on marketing to help others build their own businesses. 

I found that most people have a knack for something. This might be branding colors or Instagram ads. They often teach online classes, write blog posts or do consulting for these things. But businesses need more than that. They need the whole shebang. And they need it delivered in an affordable easy to digest way.

There are a lot of guru websites out there for online marketing. Each guru claiming to have found the “perfect system” that anyone can replicate. But the truth is, their system might not work well with your lifestyle, your business model or your audience. Gurus aren’t really experts in all areas of marketing, they just claim to be.

We’re gathering a team that can teach way more than a guru and we’re teaching it in a way that fits with the individual who takes the courses. Each area of expertise will have lessons from experts who own their own businesses or work in that field. We’ll also have a section for each lesson that helps them understand how to hire the help they need. They might not want to do all their branding, social media set up etc… but they’ll want to know all about it so it’s easier for them to hire it out and know what they need and how to converse with others about it. The following areas will be the foundational courses that the experts teach.




Funnel Systems

Systems and Automatization

Visual Content Creation

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Conversion Events

Perks of joining this venture? You’ll get to work with a small select group of other amazing powerhouse business savvy women. You’ll have free full access to all the courses and the private online forums on the website. You’ll get paid 5% of all the website subscription earnings. Subscriptions per student will be $35 per month. Our current goal is 4,000 monthly subscribers by December 2019. Time involved is mostly upfront. You’ll build the courses and then you’d need to check in on the forums once a week to give advice or chat with your students for just a bit. Once a year we ask that you contribute either a workbook, a live or recorded Q&A session or a bonus class. You can choose the topic of your choice based upon what you think the needs of the students are and what you’re excited about sharing at the time. You’ll also receive 5% of any affiliate earnings we bring in through the website. A good portion of the revenue from Badger and Chirp will go toward advertising to help continue to build the community. 

If you’ve never made an online course, that’s ok. I’ll be your business best friend (BBF) and walk you through the process if you need it. Your courses will be uniquely your own but they’ll fit in as a whole with Badger and Chirp as a brand so the learning experience is seamless for the students. We'll have a very visual target market so we'll need to keep that in mind as we build our lessons. We're helping artists, creatives and solopreneurs. 

The idea is to keep everything extremely foundational and basic. Beginnings of a business. Our target market doesn’t know anything about the ins and outs of running a business or selling their services/products. If you need an idea of a course outline, you can view my outline for the funnel systems class.


I know you have questions! Let's see if any of them can be answered below.

Q: I’m not into “boss babe" websites.

A: Neither are we. While our experts are women and our main target audience is women, we never actually say anything about gender. Everyone is welcome to join the website, no matter the gender. Branding colors are blues for calming trust and a bright yellow for action. Most of our images are all white with a bit of grey as they are paper illustrations.

Q: I'm camera shy. How can I create a course if I'm camera shy?!

A: No problem! Just create a slideshow presentation and record your audio for it. We'll walk you through the tech when you're ready for it. The only on camera moment you might need to have is your introduction. We request that you introduce the course with your face so the student gets to see you and have that eye contact that is necessary for the trust factor to settle their nerves.

Q: Do I own the class? 

A: Yes. You will own all the content you create. We provide a slide deck so we have a bit of brand consistency but the branding is not on every slide. That way, you don’t have to create the class twice. You’ll be able to use the slides if you sell the course elsewhere. We do provide a cover image for your class which we own. You would need to replace that cover image if you use the course elsewhere.

Q: Can I sell my course on other sites? 

A: Yes, you own your class and can do whatever you'd like with it. You can sell it elsewhere while you have it on but we ask that you let your viewers know that your course is a part of a much larger curriculum on badger and chirp. We market your business through the Badger and Chirp Website and ask you reciprocate that.

Q: How much will I get paid for the class?

A: Badger and Chirp will run on a subscription plan in which all classes are available. As an expert, you'll receive 5% of the subscription sales each month. You'll also receive 5% of all affiliate earnings that come from our resources and tools page. If you’d like to view our breakdown of the revenue earnings please let me know and I can send you a link to the spreadsheet.

Q: Is there a contract I have to sign?

A: Yes. It sounds cold hearted like most contracts do but it basically states everything we’ve already mentioned here. 

Q: What are the perks of being an expert on Badger and Chirp? 

A: Free Membership which means you get access to all the classes, the private forums and the obvious like ... money and fame and all that. ;) But really, you'll be seen as an expert and it can be a huge boost for your own business. You’ll have a large student base ready to turn to you for their services. The best perk though is getting to work with an amazing group of women who immediately become your Business Best Friends.


I'd love to chat with you to determine if this venture is the right fit for both of us. 

You can schedule an appointment to talk with me.