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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my book if I order today?

While this varies for where you live, if you are in the United States, most packages will arrive within a week of ordering. We do offer faster shipping and can accommodate deadlines because we know that most of our customers are actually gifting the book to someone and need it by a birthday, anniversary or wedding. Because really, books make wonderful gifts. If you need it by a certain date, please leave us a message during checkout. For international orders and other questions you can visit our shop policies page which goes into more detail.

What type of leather is used on the books? 

We cut all the covers from full cowhides. The cowhide we use is “struck through” which means it’s dyed all the way through the leather, not just on the surface. It’s very soft and supple. Because it’s so soft, you can bend the book back 180° like you could with a spiral bound notebook. This is one of our favorite features of our books which is really only possible because of the supple leather of the cover. We do NOT use oil tanned leather which can seep oil onto the pages and ruin the pages and what's on them over time. While our books do have oils in them, they are not considered oil tanned because of the process they go through in dyeing, drying and sealing. We get a lot of comments on the softness of the leather and the wonderful smell of leather as our customers open the package. 


Are the books strong?

While being a bit flexible, we can definitely vouch for their toughness. These books have been on backpacking trips through Europe, African Camping Safari's and our children have used them from age one...and we all know how toddlers treat books. These books can definitely withstand a beating. 

The thread we use is strong waxed linen thread and the wrap around leather cover and tie help keep the pages covered and everything secure. 


What kind of paper is standard in the books?

Our paper is an 80lb text weight paper. It’s Karleigh’s sketchbook paper of choice. She draws and writes with hard pressure so she needed something that wouldn’t show a pen through it. Typical writing paper is 24lb so you can imagine how nice an 80lb weight is. Karleigh also enjoys using watercolor pencils and a watercolor brush on the paper. It takes mild water nicely. 

In our photo albums, we use a thicker and stiffer paper called Rising Stonehenge. It's wonderful for photographs as well as writing on and many of our photo albums are also used as guest books. 

Occasionally, our one-of-a-kind books will have different types of paper in them. These papers will be explained in the listing description for the item. 

Can I have a discount for multiple books?

We actually don't price any of our books at full retail value. We have no middle man, it's the consumer buying directly from the maker which allows us to sell our goods at lower prices. Please know that you are already getting handmade quality goods at a great price.