Lesson Two: Single Section Book


Tools and Materials

  • Bonefolder
  • Scissors
  • Hobby Knife (like an x-acto knife)
  • mat or magazine to cut on
  • bookbinding awl
  • pencil
  • Bookbinding Needle
  • Cardboard or magazine for punching holes on
  • metal ruler
  • Optional: Grid Ruler and Rotary Blade
  • Decorative paper for cover
  • Text paper for inside (5-10 sheets)
  • Linen Thread



One fun side note here: The term signature was originally used by printers. The printers would use a small symbol on the corner of the page to distinguish which folios were to be grouped together. This symbol was called the signature. Each section had it’s own signature. The term signature is used today but many bookbinders refer to a grouping or section as a signature even if it’s blank and there’s no printing on it.









Copy and paste from the lesson notes

Paper Grain

Quick reference guide for sewing and measurements


4 Hole and 5 hole stitches