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Rugged Character - 4x6

Rugged Character - 4x6

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[NOTE: an order of one (1) equals one book. The photos show multiple books only to illustrate some of the variety in the "character" in the "Rugged Character" books. You might receive one in the photo, or one not shown.]

Our rugged character collection is selected from the large hides that our books are all cut from. Each book might have a branding mark, scars, fat folds, high variety of grain and even some small holes. We've allowed these marks to become a part of the book in our rugged character line. Your book will be unique! 

- Rustic Cowhide Leather
- Approximately 4x6
- 160 pages (counting front and back)
- Acid free and archival pages (80 lb. text weight)
- Tied with linen thread
- Held closed with attached tie
- Leather appearance may vary somewhat from shown but is very similar in color. You can see all the variety that a rugged character book might have!

The paper in this book is great for ink, graphite and mild water mediums.

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