Thank you for helping us spread the word!

We’re excited to partner with you in helping spread the word about Badger and Chirp!

As a token of our gratitude, we’re offering you a free one year membership to the community,


another free one year membership to “gift away” to one of your followers.

A note on giftaways…

We’re encouraging everyone to do “giftaways” instead of giveaways.

What’s the difference?

A giftaway is where the follower will tag people they want to give the gift to, instead of tagging people to enter themselves. The winner is picked from someone who is tagged, not someone who does the tagging. If you’d prefer to do a normal giveaway, that’s totally fine! We just thought we’d add in an option for the season of giving.

For your convenience, here are a few Images you can snag to use for the giftaway/giveaway:

Logo, Badger and Chirp—use when displays large.png
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Logo, Badger and Chirp—trans—use when displays large.png

TWO Options for descriptions (feel free to add in your own brand voice, or copy and paste as-is):

Giftaway Description

Giftaway!! We’re giving away a one year membership to Badger and Chirp, an online community of creative solopreneurs who are learning the ins and outs of business together. They have foundational classes that start with making good business goals. They teach the art of marketing and everything is broken down into bite size chunks of actionable learning. Do you know someone creative that would love to learn all about building a strong, successful business? Tag them in the comments AND let them know you believe in their business! This will enter them in the giftaway for a one year membership to Badger and Chirp. Make sure to follow @BadgerandChirp and @(your username). Winner will be announced (add date and time)

*This giftaway is not sponsored by Instagram.


Giveaway Description

Giveaway!! We’re giving away a ONE YEAR membership to Badger and Chirp, a platform that helps creative solopreneurs in all areas of their business. They have an in house forum and a great set of marketing classes that will make your brand stand out. Do you need help selling your beautiful handmade goods? Make sure to follow @BadgerandChirp and @(your username) and tag three or more friends below. Each tag is an entry to win! Winner will be announced (add date and time)

*This giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram


Please ask the winner for their name, and the email address they would like associated with their new Badger and Chirp Membership. You can input your name and email as well for a free one year membership to the community.

Thank you again for helping us spread the word, and we look forward to seeing you inside the community!

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