Social Media Marketing Specialists

We're putting all the pieces together.

I’ll get straight to the point.

I’m putting together a group of eight to ten powerhouse business savvy women to combine our efforts and create something a bit bigger than all of us.

If you were invited to this page it's because I believe you are one of those amazing women who could make a difference by teaching what you know. 

We are building a community that teaches the ins and outs of business. Not just from A-Z or with an occasional blog post, but a thorough A-Z system, with a defined road map and a clear focus on marketing to help others build their own businesses. 

I found that most people have a knack for something. This might be branding colors or Instagram ads. They often teach online classes, write blog posts or do consulting for these things. But businesses need more than that. They need the whole shebang. And they need it delivered in an affordable easy to digest way.

There are twelve main areas to walk them through with lessons. Each area will have lessons from experts who own their own businesses or work in that field. I'll be covering some of the classes which aren't listed below. They include navigating the website, knowing who you serve, profit and purpose, and funnel systems. The following lessons will be covered by other experts:


Branding & Copy

  • Knowing Your Avatar and Target Market
  • Creating a Style Guide
  • Defining Your Products and Message
  • Front End SEO and COPY

This section will include a Branding Expert and a Copy Writing Expert. Kristin Gulledge is our Branding Expert. Catherine Bennett is our Copy Expert.

Social Media Advertising

Specifically for the top 6: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest

  • Creating profiles and ads
  • Running the account and ads
  • Optimizing the account and ads


Kelsey Edwards is our Social Media Expert.


Websites and SEO

Backend SEO connected to:

  • websites
  • advertising
  • Social Media

As well as covering how to use analytics.

We're looking for someone to be our backend SEO Expert.


Lead Magnets and Email Marketing

  •  different types of magnets
  •  automating the leads
  •  where to advertise the leads
  •  templates and helps to create the leads
  • Storage for the leads
  • newsletters
  • email sequences
  • email automation systems
  • how email connects with your marketing funnel

We're looking for an expert to cover this area. 

Conversion Events

  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Converting Webpages
  • Phone Call Scripts/Talk Tracks

Patrycja Witt is our Conversion Events Expert. 

.Visual Content Creation

  • Visual Content Creation: What it is and why it’s important.
  • The building blocks or components
  • Types of Content

Jamie Hunter is our Visual Content Creation Expert. 


These areas will have a connection that most other business websites are missing:

Organization and implementation

We're not just giving knowledge. We're helping them set up their systems in a very customized way. Everything is foundation and principle based. We'll give them a visual pathway to see where they need to take their business. Everything is set up to direct them to think about their business, market and lifestyle and how these all work together to create their business systems. We’ll provide worksheets, system videos for automation and software/app use and any other visual helps we can give, to help the business owner not only feel empowered and knowledgeable at the end of your lessons, but they’ll have their systems connected and in place running smoothly. The more success your students have, that much better of a course you’ve provided. We want everyone to succeed!

Perks of joining this venture? You’ll get to work with a small select group of other amazing powerhouse business savvy women. You’ll have free full access to all the courses and the private online forums on the website. You’ll get paid 5% of all the website subscription earnings. To give you an idea, most business subscription websites have thousands of followers. Subscriptions are $35/month and with 1,000 members, you’d be earning $1,750 a month. There’s huge potential to earn more as the business grows. Our current goal is 4,000 monthly subscribers by December 2019. Time involved is mostly upfront. You’ll build the courses and then you’d need to check in on the forums once a week to give advice or chat with your students for just a bit. A good portion of the revenue from Badger and Chirp will go toward advertising to help continue to build the community. 

If you’ve never made an online course, that’s ok. I’ll be your business best friend (BBF) and walk you through using keynote/powerpoint or other recording software you might need to use to create your lessons. I’ll help you with your outlines, titles and lesson flow and give you support helps to organize it all. Your courses will be uniquely your own but they’ll fit in as a whole with Badger and Chirp as a brand so the learning experience is seamless for the students. We'll have a very visual target market so we'll need to keep that in mind as we build our lessons. We're helping artists, creatives and solopreneurs. 

You can set an appointment with me to go over your course ideas, creating an amazing title, creating an outline and get help with all the tech decisions and know-how. 


The Process


  • The Topic & Title
  • Outline & Notes
  • The Tech Decisions


  • Imagery
  • Order and Input
  • Record

Follow Through

  • Feedback
  • Instructor Info
  • Details Checklist


I know you have questions! Let's see if any of them can be answered below.

Q: I'm camera shy. How can I create a course if I'm camera shy?!

A: No problem! Just create a slideshow presentation and record your audio for it. We'll walk you through the tech when you're ready for it. The only on camera moment you might need to have is your introduction. We'll be doing these together to create a seamless experience for the students and to make everything feel more cohesive. 

Q: Do I own the class? 

A: Yes. You will own all the content you create. 

Q: Can I sell my course on other sites? 

A: Yes, you own your class and can do whatever you'd like with it. We'd really like it if you directed people to Badger and Chirp to take the class though. :)

Q: How much will I get paid for the class?

A: Badger and Chirp will run on a subscription plan in which all classes are available. As an expert, you'll receive 5% of the subscription sales each month. To give you an idea, if the monthly subscription is $35/month then you'd earn $1.75 per subscription. If we have 1,000 subscribers that would be $1,750 per month. On doing my research, most membership sites that offer business classes have a few thousand members at a time and that is the expectation of the Badger and Chirp Business Community. You'll also receive 5% of all affiliate earnings that come from our resources and tools page. 

Q: Is there a contract I have to sign?

A: Yes, we're working on it. We're not into lawyer lingo so we're trying to find a lawyer who will write one that's readable and understandable. 

Q: What are the perks of being an expert on Badger and Chirp? 

A: Free Membership which means you get access to all the classes, the private forums and the obvious like ... money and fame and all that. ;) But really, you'll be seen as an expert and it can be a huge boost for your own business. The best perk though is getting to work with an amazing group of women who immediately become your Business Best Friends.


I'd love to chat with you to determine if this venture is the right fit for both of us. 

You can schedule an appointment to talk with me.