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About Us

Here at Badger and Chirp, we help creatives learn how to run their business smoothly and successfully. We’re a membership site that give creatives and small business owners a great foundation for marketing and everything else that comes with business management. We aren’t a guru site, we’re a team of marketing experts that share our knowledge in different areas to help their business grow. We cover everything from branding to SEO and teach our members how to do it or how to hire it out. The website offers online classes, workbooks for specific subjects and a private forum on the website to gain insight and support from other entrepreneurs. The classes are currently being recorded and the business is being setup online. Branding is currently underway and we're working on connecting everything in the business with advertising, social media and the various aspects of the website and platforms we'll be using. We'll launch to 500 members who are invited for free to use the site and then we'll do a hard launch about 4-6 weeks after. We're hoping to soft launch in late August. 

About You

We are looking for someone who is kind, communicates well and lives a clean life.

Our team of experts are very clean in their language and life. The whole business has that clean language as well. No cursing, no using the Lord’s name and very limited slang. We try to keep things classic and timeless and our language is extremely important in that way.

Kindness is everything. It’s kind to communicate well. It’s kind to listen to others and it’s kind to go out of your way to help others achieve something amazing. 

We welcome applicants of all skill levels and experience. We use Squarespace, Teachable and Websitetoolbox for our forums. You don't need to know these platforms, they can easily be learned. We use GSuite to store things and communicate.

We are looking for a go getter, someone who loves business and gets excited about it. Someone who is a great thinker and loves marking tasks of their to do list. 

You'll work closely with the owner so personalities will have to click. The owner is passionate about business and helping others. Spends her spare time listening to business podcasts, reading articles about marketing and geeking out over everything new in the social media world. She also is a homeschooling mom of 3 children (soon to be 4, due with baby girl any day now) and she values the art of listening, hardwork and honesty.

About the Position

As our Virtual Assistant you would have a variety of tasks which may or may not include the following:

  • help set up a six month promotional calendar
  • brainstorm promotional ideas and find the best fits for getting our brand seen
  • set up teachable with our branding and copy
  • set up affiliate partnerships
  • find influencers on social media to work with
  • customer service with our students (we haven't experienced this yet so it might require another VA to do this but we'll have you help us determine that)
  • social media setup and automation
  • find people to hire out tasks like copy, articles or security

We want someone who is invested in the business. Instead of an hourly wage, we'd like to offer the right candidate 5% of the monthly subscription sales each month. Our goal is to reach 4,000 paying members by December 2019. Memberships are $35/month. That would be $1.75 per subscription which would give you $7,000/month. Each of our experts receive a percentage as well. We're all invested in making the business grow and creating a great community for our members. The more each of us puts into the business, the more all of us are rewarded. The potential for more income is up to all of us. We're all dedicated and excited about this venture. If you need a stipend to get you through until the hard launch, we can discuss that. 

You wouldn't be called VA unless you wanted that title. You can create your own title for your position and we'd feature you as a member of our team on the website with photo/bio/links to your own projects etc. This will give you instant credibility. Some VA's just like to remain behind the scenes, whatever you'd prefer, we'll make it happen. 

As far as time goes, the idea is to set up systems so that the business doesn't take over life. This position should be part time to allow for you to work on your own projects and endeavors. This position in not about getting your hours in, it's about getting the job done. You'll work closely with the owner of the business to create goals, plans and task lists for the entire business. You'll get to pick out those responsibilities you can handle for the week/month. 

There are no set hours during the day to get tasks done until we decide on that together. You can be in any time zone and we'll work together to schedule a good time for when we need to chat for brainstorming and planning and other tasks. 

When do we need you to start? ASAP! That's how it always works right? Should have hired you months ago. ;)


Think you are the perfect candidate? Send an email to and include any or all of the following:

Write up about yourself

Links including social media, website or portfolio

Resume or linkedin url

Video saying hi

Really, anything to get to know you!